Posing away

Finally summer time and before we know it the evenings will be never ending, the world filled with flowers and a cider in the sun will always seem like a great idea.

We got a taste of this over the weekend with 19 degrees on Saturday. Katta and me headed to Richmond. My happy place. Its really just a park but its kind of the closest i get to true nature in this massive city. So i channel my inner country bumpkin and pretend that there is no cars or people as far as the eye can see.

My stomach got worse again on Sunday. Australia is dangerous for nordic warrior princesses like me. This bug is doing a number on me. Fever and stomach pains. Good thing i have another 3 weeks until surgery time.

Took some sexy pics of my man chilling in the sun. We went out for dinner so he dressed up in his blazer from Bulgaria.

It was a pretty evening and we headed down to the Pho place.

George took some ‘natural’ photos of me.

Princess hair on point!

Then we headed to bed at 9 because we are really living it up at the moment.

On Saturday i wore my kid clothes for the walk in Richmond. Backpack and this years comfiest linen trousers from HM. Im going to live in those bad boys.

Very happy to take on the world. W seems not so sure on what is going on here.

Pretty Richmond. Its becoming all super spring green. I just love that colour. I think its why green is my favourite colour, because its all foresty and meadowy and nature.

Selfies with Woolly.

Waiting for Katta to arrive with the food at Petersham i took some pictures of all the rings George have made. These are all made by my talented fiancee.

Woolly was loving the sun.

Mr Whippy premiere. Love it. The true summer sign of London. Ciders and Mr Whippy and since ciders is off the table im going all in on the ice cream.

Felt absolutely shit when i woke up on Sunday. Fever and stomach. So over this now. Cant even explain how boring this is. Chained to the sofa.

Poor W went into a fight with a cat. And lost. To be honest, he deserved it, he is a cat bully. Hoping it would stop him going for them but its the opposite. Hes even worse now.

Tonight having people over, tomorrow hairdressers, wednesday bookclub and thursday Katta and me are ghosting at the pottery class.

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