Garden times

Working from home today. No reason other than i can. And that my body needs the break after 3 weeks stomach bug. Not to be too graphic but it takes its toll on you being sick for 3 weeks in a row.

God im sorry. I feel like my life is just sickness and boredom at the moment. Its actually not that bad. On a happy note, my body is failing but my mind is feeling great. Im all calm and collected about everything that is coming and come what may. Even work feels kinda chill right now. All the changes was made and communicated and my team is happy hiring.

Spent yesterday afternoon in the garden re planting and fixing. Half had survived the winter and half needed new dirt and pots and complete replanting. Easy since i had most of the things from last year.

I thought for sure my pionee had died since it looked very sad at the end of last summer but something has come up and looks strong. You go lil flower.

And hell to the yes for my lilac. I think there will be some actual smelly welly flowers this year. Last year i just caught the tail end when i bought it from tesco for a fiver.

We were having guests and i was making gluten free chocolate balls. Wearing white i decided to not push it. So half naked cooking it is. Still have a bit of a tan.

Mmmm, get in there…

Liam came late and then you have to grate your own cheese… we made tacos and had Liam, Ali and Sarah over for dinner.

And game night which is Georges dream. Since he got the new controllers for the switch in Aussie we can now play Mario Kart for 4 people.

We were discussing the other day what you did as a kid before you started drinking since we are struggling to find social things to do now that we are off the booze.

This. This is what you did. Endless hours of gaming.

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