Potteri pottera

Oh you grey, depressing Monday. I might light you up with some sexy lunch and returning some of those bridesmaid dresses i ordered for Sannas wedding. See me rollin they hatin.

Tomorrow George and me are heading to the theatre and then follow up on the pottery class thursday and then nothing. Im going a bit stir crazy with boredom but its what it is. I feel quite lazy normally but im realising through all this that there are levels in lazy hell and im quickly approaching the lower ones.

On Sunday i got a lot of gardening done though. Planted all the funky plants i got from work for my bday, will see of i get some yellow round cucumbers or purple spring onions. And little stone Gandalf is guarding from snails and other prey.

Here are some more pictures from our pottery class.

Serious concentration. Also, my hands looks so nakey without any rings.

Looking good there Katten.

Im making something alright. I think thats my massive teacup, thats why the base i so wide. Or maybe i just failed.

Skills to pay the bills yo yo.

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