Injection times

First round of injections done. It wasnt too bad. I mean, a needle into your stomach but hey, im pretty hardcore. And, it doesnt hurt that bad to be honest.

So far feeling ok. Sweating like a pig but otherwise good. The other pills made me a lot worse. But, i have two more different meds to get before all is done. On monday we have the next scan and then by next week we are hopefully going through the surgery.

Had a bit of a breakdown at George yesterday when he came home late for the injections. Felt so stressed about doing myself the first time and freaked the fuck out. But he made it with 30 min to spare so got help from my trusted nurse. We also cancelled tonights plan since it means i would have to bring the needle and do it out which feels a bit dodgy. Its a full on needle in your stomach so rather be at home for that. Plus we need a specific trash can for the needles.

Long weekend coming up. Super chilled. This is probably the easiest long weekend ive ever had in London. No plans and just sitting at home. Not 100% sure of my new life. However, we have the Easter lunch on Saturday and Kix is in town so might see her on Sunday. And then hopefully good news on Monday.

My colleague is also a hero and have lent me 3 books for the weekend so ill be all set for reading in the garden.

W came into work with me. Killed our trusted dinosaur and then fell asleep. Job well done hound. Hes like a little celebrity in the office. Everone loves when he comes in even if he barely says hi to people.

This is the set of blending needles, medication and solution. Looking pretty bad ass.

George getting the needle ready for injection. 150 straight into my little belly pouch.

And theres the little needle mark. As i said, not too bad. The mark hurt quite a lot but nothing i couldnt handle.

W is being the sweetest little hound at the moment. He wants to sleep so close all the time. And me, i pretty much look translucent. Thank god there will be some sun this weekend.

Happy Easter guys!

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