Easter love

Happy Easter!! We are currently planning our little Easter lunch and I have promised Skagen so need to head over to Tesco soon for supplies. If you are going to be spending Easter in London it doesn’t hurt that it’s all sunny and lovely out.

W and me playing in the park yesterday. He looks terrified poor soul.

And I’m an absolute bad ass now. When I was little my dad used to tell me how in the military they had to learn how to do injections on themselves and I remember thinking it was the most hard core thing I’ve ever heard.

Look at the now. Outfit on point, blue nails and injecting myself into the belly. Feeling like a modern Viking woman.

I’m feeling ok off the back of this stuff. Get a bit light headed in the afternoon but that’s about it.

But back to it being spring and long weekend and lovely. Even the lilacs are blooming and smelling of all things dreamy.

After our massage yesterday we came home, cleared the flat up and opened the garden properly for the season. A little test run before today.

Haven’t seen Caro since Dani’s wedding so lovely to see her. And Lollo is always a treat. Love all the awesome women in my life.

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