Egg-citing times

I’m on the dual injections now. Morning and evening. It’s definitely starting to become quite tough on the body, I’m just tired. Dizzy in the afternoons. Low on energy and emotionally all over the place. It’s a joyride.

Good thing we are in the middle of a long weekend and I’ve been able to rest and take it easy. We are blasting through mentalist and I’m reading an awesome sci-fi book my colleague Anton lent me. And I get all the foot rubs I want. If you are going to feel shit do it in style.

We did have people over on Saturday though, maybe a bit too much at the moment but I’m nothing if not stubborn when I want to.

It was so sunny and since our garden gets way too hot we had the umbrella up while doing all the egg painting. Crew getting in on the action.

Baby Sophie was there wreaking havoc on the garden and her parents.

Making Easter crowns and bunny ears.

Some serious egg painting skills going on here (yes, bought some stickers for us creatively challenged people).

Easter queen. I made Skagen and potato salad with dill plus sausages and shopska. Plus all the Easter candy of course.

Anton came over with little baby Kyra. She’s Swedish, Russian, Chinese and English. Loving these international babies.

Stealing the baby.

It was pretty much all surviving in the garden heat drinking pimms for the cool kids and virgin pina coladas for me.

Amazing having everyone over but I crashed around 6. Sometimes I try a little bit too hard for what I can actually handle.

So Sunday ended up being a day on the sofa missing out on kixs bday in Richmond. So sad to not see her but there was just zero energy left.

So I read my awesome book, got some sun in the garden and watched TV.

Oliver is off on holiday this week (perfect timing…) so we have W full time so all the walks. My body is getting really tired now so it’s all a little bit slower but i guess that’s good practice for hopefully getting pregnant.

Happy Easter holidays guys. We are currently at the hospital doing some blood tests and scans to end the long weekend with.

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