The tiredness

The side effects on the injections arent too bad, i actually struggled with the oral hormones a lot more. But im tired. So, so tired. I sleep and i nap and chill and i still feel like a snoozy snoozer. Im on the double injections now and yesterday had my blood taken. Feel like a pin cushion. Any of you out there with a chronic disease, i feel for you. The constant hospital visits and medications. Bleurgh.

But, its only about a week left. Thats peanuts. Going to the hospital tomorrow and then Friday. The follicles are currently maturing so they need to monitor the progress. My left side (the one that is higher up) is being a bit slow so it seems it will be early next week now. My poor belly is getting a slight shading of purple from all the bruises.

A good thing is that i can keep going with the prozac. When you are on as low a dose as me you can apparently keep it up when you are pregnant as well. Basically, anything that helps you relax is a good thing. I hear you doctor. Living on those carbs. And ice creams.

As i said, all them carbs. The doctor told me to eat what makes me happy. And this makes me happy. And my belly as well, meds and it are not on good terms at the moment.

Cuddle times with Woolly. Its soo warm so hes super chill. Snoozes as much as i do. We hang in the garden until it gets too warm. Sorry guys, wont work on the tan as much this year, too hot for me and my sweat attacks at the moment.

Waiting for an afternoon walk with Katta. Oliver is away this week so its full on W times. For the first time in my life im strugling with the walks. Thats how tired i am, ravenscourt is a killer and i have to SIT DOWN. That shit is crazy.

Ha, killed him too though. Until we woke up and it was time for another injection and another walk.

Sorry to everyone that im such a shit friend at the moment. Its hard to make plan due to the injections etc plus stuck in my own little world. I promise ill be a better friend when all this is over.

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