Slipping through my fingers

First of all, sorry to those of you that are completely uninterested in all this ivf stuff. I hate reading about other peoples journeys, mainly because i feel like i jinx my own. Or i dont know. But its hard. So the stuff i read at the moment are about a life as far as way as possible from mine. Preferrable boozy single stories or failed tinder dates. Yummeee.

I feel better today. At work and trying to catch up. Feel like its all slipping through my fingers at the moment, hard to keep track. You know how i love to say i dont work. Well, im realising when i actually have to be slightly out of touch how hard it is and that my strength is that im pretty much always on top of things. At the moment i run between HR and my team trying to have half an understanding of what is going on.

Otherwise its all walking W (still, the most stupid time of Ol to leave town. Oh well, thats kind of always been his MO), sleeping, trying to drink enough water and finding food i want to eat. Another week until hopefully at least this step is over. And if not ill deal with that when it comes.

This is about as exciting my life is right now. Doctor in the morning and then at home. Good thing i have to shower and stuff, otherwise i might just crust over on the sofa.

Stu came over for food and hang out. We watched Ralphs wreck the internet and talked. Havent seen him in ages so awesome to catch up. And love when people come to me since i find it hard to be out in the evenings due to the injections and how they make me feel.

Bro love.

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