The bloat

Another day another dollar. Or rather another hospital visit. We went for another scan this morning and we are ready for egg collection. Taking the double trigger injection tonight (poor thighs) and on Tuesday morning at 8am we are off for the procedure.

Cross fingers guys.

Mother Goose is looking good, there is about 20 follicles maturing away. Some of them are too small to hold anything but at least 4 are over the cover line. Fight my little egglings, you got another 36h to grow.

George is all super positive about this and it’s rubbing off on me. Feeling good as well. I’m hoping we’ll get a couple of decent chances, I mean, there is like 3-4cm of eggs in me right now and all this bloatedness have to mean something.

George holding my tights up since they are too tight for that bruised belly.

Pretty flowers at home. Nice to have something to look at while living on the sofa.

I mean, this could be 20 eggs or like 20 babies… at least I’m getting used to all the bloating that will hopefully happen if I get preggers.

So at 9 pm tonight we inject me twice and then wait for it to do its job. This one is to start the release the egg and start the ovulation.

Then we hope for healthy eggs, that they mix well with the sperm and that we get some healthy embryos. And a football team of babies.

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