Done and dusted

We are out of the egg collection. It was a full on surgery with sedation and cookies to wake up to. Winning.

We spent about 4h in the hospital including waiting time. Thank god for my man keeping me company and making me feel sexy despite the outfit…

Professional child poser. Liking my get up? Yes, those are compression stockings. Feeling fly.

George getting ready for his one contribution. You can do it babe.

I went completely under, can’t remember a thing other than discussing Star Wars and then waking up with a needle in my hand.

The sexy robot look.

All went well and they collected 15 eggs. That gives us some good chances. So now we just need to wait for them to mix with the sperm and make magic happen.

15 eggs on our wall. Fight little babies, you can do this.

Now me and my bruise are going to take it super mega easy. Feeling all woozy.

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