Almost normal life

Wearing my new ring from my man. Running out of fingers so double doing it. Or going toe rings like Julia suggested.

Pretty sexy. I love the rough and the smooth (don’t mind my nails, you are not allowed nail polish for the retrieval and transfer).

Plus a sexy little ear cuff. When life gives you infertility issues make yourself into a sparkly Christmas tree. More bling!!

Had to lay down at work. I think I might have a mild case of OHSS, the doctors warned for that since I produced many eggs) which means that I’m extremely bloated plus still in a bit of pain.

In the evening we had a pizza party as thanks for the team working late and being awesome.

I mean, who need more money or a raise when you can get pizza?

Today during lunch Katta and me went to finalise our bowls. Glazing times.

Here’s my big teacup (yes), cylinder pot and two bowls. They are now going in the kiln and then hopefully done next week.

Looking focused.

This colour mixing is heavy stuff.

Fucked one up…but I think I fixed it. I’m a hero.

Now on the sofa. Was going to go out for dinner and drinks tonight but felt so shit yesterday so not worth risking it. I can survive the last little bit.

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