The bloat

I love my mum. She’s the most pragmatic, non sentimental person I know. I know she is super happy about the news, and in a rare show of emotions she told me how nervous she was when dad called her on Thursday with the news.

However, back to her more…mum side. Her one piece of advice is to not tell people yet because then you are ‘pregnant for so bloody long’. Sorry mum, but I’ve pretty much been pregnant for three months already with not being able to drink, all the hormones and having to tell people about the treatment.

That’s a riddle for you. How do a woman end up being pregnant for 12 months? Do ivf…

This is what my app says it looks like. Like a giant ear. Just like it’s dad.

I must admit I prefer the cuter candy analogy. My working name for mini mini is currently jellybean. For in 2 more weeks it’s big as a jellybean. And who doesn’t love jellybeans, come in all flavours.

Bloated or pregnant? Well, that’s the bloat. The only symptoms I’m really feeling at the moment is being so bloody tired, sore boobs, feeling cold and the bloat. The damn bloat. Already barely fitting into some clothes.

Crossing fingers for no morning sickness. Given my wine allergy and then my bulimia i have done enough puking in my life already.

Today we are off to a lunch and then a party. Funnily enough I’m actually feeling better now than when I was on the strongest meds so ready to meet the world again.

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