Pretty boring

I feel guilty about being so boring at the moment. Toward myself, George, the world. I mean, i dont even know who am feeling guilty to. But after 2 months treatment i have zero energy and constantly have to cancel things. My stomach, which is an unstable nightmare at the best of times, is killing me. I cant trust it all. So any tube rides or longer trips in cabs etc is complicated.

Fun huh. I know im allowed to rest. And ive been waiting for this for soooo long. But i still feel guilty. And boring. Just sitting on the sofa. I love lazying around but still.

Oh well, lean into it i guess. Going to the theatre tonight and then Paris tomorrow. My boss is making me work next monday which is bank holiday here so i negotiated a day in lieu. Which is great since i can take it any time. These holidays are going to be gold.

We were going up to East yesterday but after Saturdays debacle we ended up around the corner with Harry coming down instead. Love you Harry for traveling all over town for our sorry asses.

Ha, trying to come up with anything fun to write but i do nothing right now. And GoT is too early, not spoiling thay for anyone. So here we are, discussing how boring i am 🙂

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