Food for thought

W6 jellybean is waving hi with his/her lil arm nubs. Hey there little alien invading my body.

I’m on the train to Paris. No problem going on the Eurostar with a bag full of needles. Good to know. Wonder what the hotel staff will think though when they find my discarded needles? Bad to the bone.

My excitement about Paris is like always…lukewarm at best. But, Lollo is here as well so don’t have to be lonely lennart tonight but have a friend to eat with. Miracles do happen.

Last night George and be went to the theatre.

I looked like I was 4 months pregnant. Hah. Blame the bloat from all the medications.

Play was brilliant. Called Admissions and deals with the white middle class pc ways and want for diversity as long as they don’t have to sacrifice anything.

Very interesting and sometimes a bit close to home. It’s easy to be accepting and and wanting everyone to have the same rights when it doesn’t affect you negatively in anyway. White people, especially men, still rule the world.

One thing that I thought was extra interesting is when the son blamed his mum for always hating on white men when in fact he is one himself and how that made him feel growing up. Food for thought for an avid feminist like me.

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