An adenturer at heart

Hello from Paris. That without me really knowing how has become my second home. I bonjour and merci all around at the moment and i trick the people at franprix that im french. (nowhere else though, my french is limited to basically those two words).

So, i guess im a girl from Sweden, living in London with my Australian fiance commuting to Paris on a weekly basis. Ha, life turns out weird sometimes. All because i have a habit of saying yes to adventures.

Checking out the view from my balcony. Good thing is that because i keep coming back to the same hotel they treat me better and better. Ill be a VIP before you know it. And soon ill get my carte blance for the Eurostar. Thank god.

Balcony dinner. None of the fancy cheeses but who cares when you have a view and baguette.

And then straight to bed because you just cant stop this wild cat.

Heh, preggers brekkie. Egg and potato and pancake. All in one delicious mix. Feeling fiiine and the moment so taking the chance of eating as much as i can. I have lost 1kg in the last couple of weeks. Thats not a problem but time to start gaining. Its a hard life, i know.

Heres Jellybean. It (yeah, totally an it, looks 100% alien) has a heart beat. Thats what we are checking next week. If it sounds ok the chance of anything going wrong is down to like 5%. So fight little bean.

Big as a smartie. Making me hungry. But thats like an actual size. I could hold it in my hand and it see it. That shit is crazy.

I know all of this is so early and most people dont talk about it yet but hey, ive been sharing this journey so here goes every bit of it. The hopes and dreams and potential heartache. But i hope. I have a good feeling. I think jellybean loves candy as much as its mum and wants to stay. And if not, well, then we deal with that like with everything else.

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