Paris walks

Back from Paris. Luckily for me Lollo was also going back from Paris yesterday so we could share train. Made those 2.5h go a lot quicker and a much needed catch up. Have barely seen anyone for the last 3 months so love any friend meet up i can get.

Im actually feeling really good at the moment (knock on wood). Tired but otherwise much better than during the treatment. I feel like im coming back to myself and have the time and energy for my friends, work and for myself. I actually have energy to care about my friends again. And to see them. Cant explain how good that feels. Use me people before i blow up like a balloon. I even cleared the house today. Look at me being a normal person.

So far not too bad nausea. I even got worried i had dreamt everything and did another pregnancy test today. Jellybean is still in there. And in a week we have our first scan. Cant wait.

Decided to take a walk to a park during lunch yesterday.

Problem is that there is no parks in Paris, its all cemetrys. So i ended up walking around a, very pretty, but still a little bit creepy graveyard for an hour.

Took photos because beautiful.

Nice to get out and leave the office. Its tricky when im in Paris because i cant understand anyone around me and i always just feel like a guest. But since ill be there every week i need to claim some of the city for my own.

While waiting for Lollo at the station has an ok burger but a heavenly milkshake. And dont worry, i do eat healthy stuff as well. Had lentils and avocado and shit for lunch.

Woolly meeting Jellybean. If he only knew how is life will change. But so far just loving the extra softness of mummys tummy.

George is working late all week so ill be fixing in the garden and hanging around in the flat. Nesting.

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