Dream life

Friday. Gone are the days when that automatically meant the start of a two day bender, i mean, at the moment i cant even have a cider in the sun. But, who cares. It struck me this morning how happy i am. After a very long time of worrying, living in limbo and the threat that one of my lifes biggest dreams wouldnt happen its like im floating.

Cheesy i know but still. Im just happy. I have a beautiful little family with George and Woolly, a good job that even if its annoying at times pays well and i have the best team. I now i also have a little jellybean growing away. There is nothing i want for. There is a calm in me. And even if im worrying that all wont go well im so filled with light and hope after such a long time of worry.

Ok, inspirational speech aside. Weekend will be slow and calm and nice. I have Woolly all weekend, George is working and on Sunday im seeing Kirsten and her kids. I need to go back into the habit of actually seeing people that isnt George or Katta but no stress. And bank holiday is cut short with Paris on Monday.

Its growing away in the garden. Eat wild strawberries in the morning while i water the plants.

And these tomato plants have a couple of more weeks to go but looking good. Now i just need to make sure it doesnt all die when im away.


And these radishes are probably ready to harvest. Weekend salad perhaps.

New dress from Paris. Found a little store close to the office and couldnt stop myself. Feel like a parisienne.

Two minutes in the sun in the garden before picking up W. Hoping the weather will stay nice so that i can hang on my sun lounger and get a wee tan. Nothing else to do.

Woolly and i reunited. He loves when George is not around since he gets me all to himself. He gets half the bed and all of the mummy cuddles. Dream life.

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