Feeling breezy

Off to Paris tomorrow. Traveling with all my needles and medications. Cool kid. Staying there for 3 days this time. At least Paris is pretty in spring and I’m seeing Tommy for dinner on Tuesday.

And today George is home (even if he’s sleeping so pretty useless) and I’m seeing Kirsten. Feel almost like normal.

I must admit that so far this whole pregnancy thing is pretty breezy. No nausea, no real food aversion, mood swings are manageable, I’m mostly happy to be honest, and generally feeling good. A tiny part of me worries because maybe it means there is no baby but mostly I just enjoy it. I’m sure it will change.

Getting some sun in the garden yesterday. Need to look somewhat fresh for Sanna’s wedding. Plus boobs are huge. That’s one thing that popped straight away.

And eating ice lollies because best thing in the world. Need to remember that I have to drink a lot of water. Not something I normally do but I’m SO thirsty so yeah, clearly body wants it.

Otherwise nothing new. We chill. George work and stay out late. Things back to pretty much normal. At least one of us can go back to having a social life.

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