Strong and steady.

We had our first scan today and it’s a strong and steady heartbeat in there.

So. Fucking. Happy!! This might actually happen. Or, what am I saying. It IS happening. Baby Munstev is due on January 21st.

So now I need to set up a GP appointment and treat this like a normal pregnancy. No more injections!! I mean, that in itself is worth celebrating. I continue all the other medication until week 12 but that’s fine.

I can’t believe it’s happening. I’ve kind of half thought it was a dream until I heard the heat beat today. Our baby’s heart beat.

Here’s the little jellybean chillin in my stomach (yeah, it’s the mini thing to the left, it’s currently like 1cm so not big on this earth.) You stay in there little one.

Super nervous before. George was all cool but I was losing the plot. But here we are. Growing alien in that stomach.

After hearing a heart beat in week 7 it’s only like 5% chance anything will go wrong so I’m rooting for our odds.

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