Oh my god it’s the church

It’s sunny and lovely and almost brutally warm in London. I who never sweat is starting to get the whole ‘fuck, I need to plan my outfit on a day like today’. Not sure if it’s jellybean running hot in there but I’m struggling in the sun at the moment.

So I took my boys to the shade in the park with some brekkie and epic runs. Woollys love is never further away than some ham.

In the evening we went to see Oh my god its the church. They are just such an epic, hilarious, awesome act and despite feeling a bit iffy (as always these days) had the best time dancing around.

We spoke to Amy (one of the Hail Marys and at the danish Xmas lunch last year) about them playing our wedding. It would be so fucking awesome but not sure we can pull it off.

And not sure my parents would survive…

We took a cab home at midnight and the one thing I should say for this preggers thing is that no alcohol means feeling no worse than any other day. Wooohoooo.

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