Pre wedding jitters

Its raining today. Cold and boring, true monday weather. But i didnt go to Paris so im pretty happy anyway. Dreamt i lost the baby so freaking out about that but ive understood thats basically what you do from now on, worry and freak out about your baby. Welcome the rest of my life.

But, lets talk about the awesome days in Spain marrying away my Sunny sunshine instead.

On my way to Spain and Sanna and Peters wedding. Totally ready to marry my bff off to someone as amazing as Peter.

Came into the room and an awesome goodie bag wedding kit. Yes, im a flamingo.

Loved my little toro bracelet. Its because the city we are close to is called torremolinos.

The place was magic. Run by an english couple and their son. So pretty and weird and lovely.

Got to hang with the groom. Not too nervous, they were both pretty chilled to be honest. #goals.

Dinner. I was the first one there so om the first night it was just me, the wedding couple and Peters friends from the US coming up for dinner.

Love the spanish summer night.  Could totally live here.

Hi there crew.

On the Wednesday  it was all about taking it easy and chilling in the pool.

Yes please.

And help Sanna unpack the party gear. Perfect for me.

Matchy matchy.

Then it was time for hair rehearsal (yes, this is apparently a thing…) and it ended up taking 5h!!

Peter, looking like a local fixing the last couple of things while his future wife getting pretty.

After all that hair and make up it was time for dinner on the beach with all the guests.

Me, explaining something as always…

Stole a second with the bride. She was absolutely radiant, such a beauty.

Hello there girls. Had the best time with all my old friends, god i miss sweden and all my people sometimes. But i get to go back in like 3 weeks. Woop woop!

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