Like a coke bottle

Went to the GP this morning, to get referred a midwife. He told me I could do that myself. At the same hospital i did the ivf at. Ha, wish they would have told me that at the hospital and i wouldnt have to wait 2 weeks and go to the GP for nothing. Oh well, nhs, you have treated us well but sometimes you are just a little bit shit.

Anyway, did the self referral and now im just hoping to get an appointment. Want to make sure everything is as it should with jellybean. And yes, might have freaked out and dont ANOTHER pregnancy test. Still pregnant…

Cold sores, tired, sore throat and nervous about the baby. Im a joy at the moment. I dont think ive been this boring since i was out in the depression like 5 years ago. And to be honest, back then i numbed it all with booze so was an absolute laugh.

Lil jellybean at the moment. Almost human like.

And already so much development done. Crazy, i had no idea so much was done so early in the proccess.

And the most important measurement. Big as a cola bottle. 2.5cm. Thats like an actual real thing. Ish.

Ate pizza. Had a meltdown when Deliveroo didnt work. It prompted George to kindly inform me that ‘dont worry you are not pregnant. You definitely are, you are NOT normal’. Ok, ill take that.

Picked some strawberries form the garden. Dont have the same energy to take care of it as last year but some things are still growing out there and the strawberries are going strong.

So sexy at the moment. Ive been told the immune system goes to shit when you are pregnant and definitely finding it hard to bounce back from this cold. Maybe because im pretty stressed at work. So will work from home tomorrow. Me and the sofa. Again! BFFS forever.

Really want to go to sweden now. Slow walks in the country house forest and naps in the afternoons. Life here feels way to hectic for this exhaustion.

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