Hans Ola

Sometimes I’m extra brilliant. Like coming up with stupid names for things. That was the only thing I was really good at when I did copywriting.

And now it’s our baby’s time…

Hahaha. Hans Ola. George didn’t really get how utterly stupid that name is and kind of liked it. I’m dying.

We had some serious luck yesterday. People in our, pretty posh, neighbourhood put things out on the street they don’t want and you are free to take it. We’ve found a W toy and a desk chair that way.

But yesterday was the motherload I’d finds. A top of the line baby car seat worth £350.

Sweet. You need one to leave the hospital but since we actually don’t have a car we won’t actually use it. So saved ourselves like £200. In our 2020 budget of baby, maternity leave and wedding all money counts.

Last night went for dinner and drinks with these cool cats. Ramen at shoryo

And then drinks at found of course. Loved being out again, feel like I haven’t seen people for ages.

Stomach likes it so so though and felt like shit all night but totally worth it. You ain’t bringing me down jellybean!

Today seeing Ella and Giles for lunch and next week is Paris and then midsummer. No rest for the wicked. Also, cross fingers the hospital call back and I get to see a midwife.

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