Budget woes

New week. This one is all about budgets. If we are to have a baby and get married next year there is a lot of saving to be done. So thats what im currently looking at. Need to put aside at least £1000/month for maternity leave and wedding as well as work out a long term budget follwing that for the £12-1500/month child care will cost.

All the fun stuff. Im planning for £1500 baby stuff before baby. £8000 maternity leave (4 months a £2000 each after i no longer have the full salary cover) and around £5000 my end for the wedding (should really be more but i honestly dont think its doable) .

£14500 in a year. Thats doable huh? So if you dont see me its because im home hoarding money in the mattress. Especially since 4 months of those will be without salary living on my saved money. Im sure the student diet of pasta and ketchup and rice and sweet and sour sauce is ideal as baby diet.

(dont worry Gina, im not stressing, just planning)

However, yesterday we met Ella and Giles for lunch at Riding House cafe. Unfortuntely took zero photos but it was a lovely lunch and so nice seeing them. Ella positively glowed. She is such a sweetheart. Got to tell them the good news, she knows how we have struggle.

Then we went to scandi kitchen to shop for midsummer. Not even fatigue will stop me from Midsummer. And a sneaky cinnamon bun of course.

Plus swede candy. Ate all of that in one sitting. Jellybean loves candy as much as i do. And yeah, i know people say your baby will end up liking what you eat when you are preggers. Jellybean, you are in luck. You will appreciate the good in life just as much as i do.

Made Woolly snuggle with me. He was not that impressed but then gave up. What moma wants moma gets.

Liam came over for dinner, candy and video games. I headed to bed and the boys stayed up. Perfect.

Paris tomorrow. Already planning my eating, its hard to find the right stuff in Paris at the moment when im off the deli meat and cheese.

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