The smell of Paris

I realise the weirdest things with my new sense of smell. That our room sometimes smells like sleeping in a grave from the soil outside, that cigarette smoke is an absolute killer, that the smell of jalapeno pretzels in a full bar will get my mouth to water and that Paris stinks!

Yep, you hear me. The city absolutely stinks. The people (soap anyone?), the streets, dog poo, fumes form the cars and no trees to break it all up with. Sure, there is the occasional newly baked baguette but mostly its horrible.

Ive never thought about it before though so pregnant women, avoid Paris 🙂

Feeling extremly nauseus today. Have been spared the worst of that but today is a  killer. However, i finally got my midwife appointment and we are going the friday we are leaving for Sweden. 28th. So hopefully all will look ok and we can start telling the world about jellybean.

Spoke to Dani yesterday, she is also pregnant. 22 weeks and a boy. Its lovely to share this journey with friends. As hard as it is to see everyone get pregnant when you cant as lovely it is to share it. But, im very aware that a lot of people are struggling and i would never just assume that people want to hear about it. Nothing is as hard or boring as other peoples pregnancies when you either cant get pregnant or dont want to.

Other than that, here’s a picture of W trying his hardest to get a very tired mummy to play with him. With G being away a lot and me being so tired the poor guy dont have anyone to play with him.

But no giving up. Maybe the ball will work.

But eventually resolving to sad eyes which gets me every time so then i chased him around a bit. Good practive for when you have kids and never get to chill.

Everything else is good in my world. I delivered on the biggest project at work and have a couple of other ones in the pipeline and i cant wait for Sweden next week.

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