Flower queen

I have zero pictures to share from my life over the last couple of days. I felt nauseous in Paris, tired in London and hungry at work today. Me and Katta are also planning for Midsummer tomorrow, another set of amazing flower crowns coming your way.

Apparently week 10 (which im in) and 11 are the worst for feeling sick and tired. Then it changes and you get that pregnancy glow. All ready for that. Mostly gloomy, tired and bloated at the moment. But dont worry, ill be a flower queen tomorrow.

Heres another picture of me being a flower queen from Spain like 4 years ago. Maggie sent some through and yes, would love to be on a beach right now.

And drink mojitos. Looks refreshing. Tan and a beer, dreamy.

Soon. Or at least ill see the girls again when im in Sthlm next weekend. Cant wait.

Good thing you can brag about all the fun things you did years ago. Ill totally be that mum, the one who was ‘cool’ back in the days.

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