Glad Midsommar!

Happy Midsummer y’all. For the first time in history im working on Midsummer. Only half day but still. Feels weird. Dont worry, we will celebrate tonight. For the longest time it looked like there might not be anything but Katta and me were not going to give up on Midsummer so we have collected a happy crew and will do dinner, flower garland binding and singing at Kattas tonight.

I have just put together the songs, been to scandi kitchen and will buy some flowers after lunch. Then we are ready to go!

Below are some pics from our two latest midsummers in London. Its all about them flowers as you can see.

Its so funny that everyone in London thinks katta and me look like sisters. Ive never heard it in Sweden but here its like the first thing people say. I guess its something swedish in our looks.

Anyways, sill and nubbe for the world tonight.

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