A good girl!

Holiday tomorrow!! Cant wait. But first midwife and working a full day. But then, glorious, glorious holiday.

Ive been feeling tired over the last couple of days. Not just physically but mentally. Work is a mess and not really mine to clean up but being a good girl i try anyway. And ive been alone a lot over the last couple of months. George have been away about 50% for the last two months and ive been too tired to do anything. So its been me taking care of Woolly and trying to plan everything.

I dont know. Im worried. Worried about having a baby in UK. Worried that Georges job will take him out of the city as much as hes been away these last couple of month. I cant work full time and take the baby, dog and house full time for 50%. Im going to need help but there is no one here to get help from. And in addition to that there is going to be a lot of pressure on the traveling my end as well. And to be honest, since i earn more i cant go down to like 80%, we wont make it then.

Are we just really stupid trying to do it here? Its going to cost us a minimum of £1200/month for a baby. And i love George but he is not a planner. Im the one working on budgets, setting up savings account, googling ways of doing this. He is just pretty much not around.

Yes, im feeling VERY lonely in this as you can hear. Lonely and overwhelmed. Its like 6 months left before i wont be able to do anything and there is so much to be organised. Ive given myself a project a day outside work. This week its been weeding the garden, throwing away old clothes to make room for the baby, set a baby budget and decide on the pram and book our holidays.

I dont think George knows or particularly cares what the budgets or plans are, he just assume it will be sorted. And it will be because good girl til’ i die.

Sorry, this became a bit of a vent and a rant but where better than on my own space on the internet, better out that in right.

W keeping a protective arm over Jellybean. You got my back W!

No more tail and big as a fortune cookie. And apparently you can see my little baby bump now my colleague told me. Bring it on!

Life. You and me W. And our sofa. I could write a love song about the three of us.

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