Lil belly pop

Went to the midwife today. It was a first appointment so mostly just information but they did take a urine sample (no diabetes, wooohoo), a blood test (waiting for the results) and a carbon menoxide breathalyser test. Had 2, anything below 6 is good. Haha London, you cant get me down!! Also, hands up to me who stopped smoking a year ago.

When we are back from holiday its time for the 12w scan and we are in the system!! I also discussed a ceasarion and its something we will look at. Im feeling really strongly about it and hoping i can get it.

Starting to feel pretty real.

We took a walk along the river yesterday. It was lovely out and W is always happy when its cooled down a bit.

Well, belly tends to pop out evenings but now its kind of always there. 10 weeks and showing, ha, this will end well. However, i havent really gained any weight, maybe 500g so even if i feel huge i guess its just the feeling of clothes not fitting and boobs being mahoossive.

On our way home i suddenly wanted McD. Stopped myself but George was like ‘finally, cravings’ and made us go back to get some. I mean, i was not entirely unhappy with my cheeseburger and fries.

Off to Sweden in a couple of hours, cant wait for some Swede food, family and friends. See you soon Sweden!

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