Vamos a la playa

Time for the last couple of days on the holiday. I felt like an empty shell. Im so extremely tired at the moment and being bridesmaid and then dancing until 3 was all i had in me. Woke up with the tell tale cold sore the morning after and felt like someone had hit me over the head.

Good thing we were just chilling on the beach for the last day. Got to hang with all my friends and take it super mega easy. Perfect end to the holiday.

It was warm but windy so we gave it a good couple of hours before having to give up on the waterfront.

Food instead. What an excellent photo of all my girls. Sanna was happier than that, promise.

Hanging with my goddaughter. Takes some time to win her over again but im the baby whisperer so succeeded at last.

And even got to carry her around. Win!

Then i crashed into bed at 9 with a fever and woke up the next day just to schlep myself back to London. The best thing about feeling so shit is that i decided to skip my trip to Paris on that Monday. Not worth running myself ragged and im already sporting both a nose and a mouth cold sore. Double whammy on the good stuff.

heh, Monday at work i got my new preggers tights. Looking hilarious. Extremely unsexy but very comfy. Think i have another couple of months before i need to start using them but better safe than sorry, very bloated in the evenings.

All in all a super lovely holiday but being so exhausted all the time nice to get home. I have no energy in me at the moment, its crazy.

Its the bookclub tonight and i really want to go and i am aiming too but we’ll see if i can make it. Ive never felt anything like this.

Fiesta si!

Finally at the wedding day. The third in our group to get married. Yes, im the only one left on the glass mountain. Having been bridemaid for all of them I was very happy to do my final bridemaid duties with a bang. 5 times bridesmaid and 3 times toastmaster i think im done. But, i do love it so if anyone remarries im there. Or if anyone is looking for a seasoned bridemaid im your gal.

Anyway, to Sannas beautiful spanish wedding.

Maggie explaining in spanish what they should do with the brides hair. Look at her cute belly. She is 7 months. So damn tiny (im almost that big after a good evening of eating)

Was so happy with my hair. A top braid that ended in a fish tail. Felt like some kind of viking warrior in this.

Me and the beautiful bride. Hello there gorgeous, love that smile.

Felt very pretty. Might do a version of this for my own wedding. Love braids

Look at that stunning bride. Sanna, im so happy to see you get your Peter. And to be by your side and feed you fruit and water.

And take slightly unflattering photos.

So nice wearing a black dress that was actually flattering and easy to walk and dance in.

Because awesome couple we walked into the Star wars march of course. Hehe, just like in school im tallest of everyone.

Luckily for us we were under roof while the poor guests where almost dying in the 30 degree heat.

Got the honour of sitting opposite the newly married couple. Win!

Speech ready. Of course we brought the onsies to Sannas wedding. No party without them.

And party! The poor spaniards had no idea what hit them when the wigs, tutus, glowsticks and happy eurodisco music kicked off the party.

Even if sober i did a good job at dancing and owning the dancefloor. Its in my blood.

Always a dance with the bride.

Ha, love this picture. Crazy swedes.

yes, i found myself some unicorn horns.

And all my silly friends. Miss these guys.

Ha, the only photo i have of Sanna and her bridesmaids. Awesome shot.

Filippa and Erik ruled the dancefloor.

My stomach got a bit unhappy from all the jumping around so hid by the candy.

Bed ready at 3 am. Feel like i did a good job owning the dancefloor despite sober. I can still do it.

What an absolute beautiful, lovely, fun and crazy wedding. Love you guys.

Pre wedding jitters

Its raining today. Cold and boring, true monday weather. But i didnt go to Paris so im pretty happy anyway. Dreamt i lost the baby so freaking out about that but ive understood thats basically what you do from now on, worry and freak out about your baby. Welcome the rest of my life.

But, lets talk about the awesome days in Spain marrying away my Sunny sunshine instead.

On my way to Spain and Sanna and Peters wedding. Totally ready to marry my bff off to someone as amazing as Peter.

Came into the room and an awesome goodie bag wedding kit. Yes, im a flamingo.

Loved my little toro bracelet. Its because the city we are close to is called torremolinos.

The place was magic. Run by an english couple and their son. So pretty and weird and lovely.

Got to hang with the groom. Not too nervous, they were both pretty chilled to be honest. #goals.

Dinner. I was the first one there so om the first night it was just me, the wedding couple and Peters friends from the US coming up for dinner.

Love the spanish summer night.  Could totally live here.

Hi there crew.

On the Wednesday  it was all about taking it easy and chilling in the pool.

Yes please.

And help Sanna unpack the party gear. Perfect for me.

Matchy matchy.

Then it was time for hair rehearsal (yes, this is apparently a thing…) and it ended up taking 5h!!

Peter, looking like a local fixing the last couple of things while his future wife getting pretty.

After all that hair and make up it was time for dinner on the beach with all the guests.

Me, explaining something as always…

Stole a second with the bride. She was absolutely radiant, such a beauty.

Hello there girls. Had the best time with all my old friends, god i miss sweden and all my people sometimes. But i get to go back in like 3 weeks. Woop woop!

Back home

Back from Sannas wedding. I will show you all the pictures tomorrow but most important, I survived. They got married away, it was all very beautiful, we rocked our speech and I danced until 3.

A success I would say.

Speech ready in the onsies that has followed us through the last 20 years, bought by Sannas dad in the US in the early 90s. Not as a joke!

I have however got a wicked cold. Apparently being on your feet all day running around for your BFF takes it out of you when preggers. Or maybe it was the jumping around on the dance floor..

Either way, totally worth it and the best time with all my friends. Damn I miss them sometimes.

Today super chill. I’m supposed to go to Paris tomorrow but will skip that given how I feel but George is off again. So we gather our strength and chill on the sofa.

Wedding times

Im off to Spain tomorrow. Sannas wedding. Iiiiiihh! Im bridesmaid and i cant wait to marry Sanna away to her amazing Peter. Not unhappy about four days in the sun in Spain as well. And the best thing about ‘only’ being bridesmaid is that except for giving a speech i kind of just have to look pretty. Best deal ever.

Speech is written and packing tomorrow and then off in the afternoon. George is not going make it so im flying solo at the wedding. Maybe ill meet some hot groomsman. Joking, me and jellybean will behave. First time at a wedding sober though, look out for these dance moves.

Had one of those hormonal angry kick offs yesterday. George decided to go out and party last minute on a Sunday evening and i just blew up. Wrote something angry to him about being pregnant and left by myself on a Sunday night when im off to a wedding (by MYSELF) for a week. That he could sleep on the sofa and not bother me. Apparently this pregnant she dragon takes no prisoners.

Our flat looks pretty though. Pionees from my flower subscription.

And flowers from George for well, everything i guess.

I wish we had a nap room in the office. Im dying by 4 every afternoon. A little 20 min nap and i would be right as rain. Ill go on the candy instead. Sugar for the win.

Oh my god it’s the church

It’s sunny and lovely and almost brutally warm in London. I who never sweat is starting to get the whole ‘fuck, I need to plan my outfit on a day like today’. Not sure if it’s jellybean running hot in there but I’m struggling in the sun at the moment.

So I took my boys to the shade in the park with some brekkie and epic runs. Woollys love is never further away than some ham.

In the evening we went to see Oh my god its the church. They are just such an epic, hilarious, awesome act and despite feeling a bit iffy (as always these days) had the best time dancing around.

We spoke to Amy (one of the Hail Marys and at the danish Xmas lunch last year) about them playing our wedding. It would be so fucking awesome but not sure we can pull it off.

And not sure my parents would survive…

We took a cab home at midnight and the one thing I should say for this preggers thing is that no alcohol means feeling no worse than any other day. Wooohoooo.