Sthlm you lovely beast

Sweden, you are really trying to seduce us aren’t you? The weather has been gorgeous, the people awesome and all of a sudden moving back seems a little less horrible…

Sthlm is really going for the big guns.

Its all sunshine and roof tops and awesome friends and god damn this city is pretty epic.

I mean come on…

Yesterday we just hung around town, ate cinnamon buns and ice cream and ended up having dinner at nybrogatan 38 with Alex and some friends of his and then Filippa and Hanna swung by. That’s the spontaneous meet up I always missed in Sthlm and well…I love it.

Plus I mean this little belly to poke.

Plus family!! At a festival. Even George is like ‘this city can be pretty banging’. I think everyone just got together to make us fall in love with this city.

Yeah. Watching Foo Fighters in the setting sun covered in glitter is dream life.

With this more than epic crew. God damn I love my family way too much.

And George fits right in

Yeah, we’ll see. Not completely impossible that we end up in Sthlm after all. Maybe jellybean would be happier with all of this family and friends epicness.

Because these guys are the mother fucking best!!!!!

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