Party girls

Going into week 13 today meaning im 12w. A third of the pregnancy done and dusted. This is a bit of a mile stone since this is when they tell you the risk of miscarriage go down dramatically and when people normally tell they are pregnant.

Missed the boat on that one 🙂

Im having a lot more energy now which is nice. It totally switched last week. Stomach is still bad but hoping that will calm down as well. All in all im feeling good. Definitely starting to grow out of my clothes but got lots of stuff from the girls back home so feel ready to meet the belly.

Sanna sent through some fun pictures from the wedding. Love my girls.

Getting ready for our speech. This is the onsies Sannas dad bought from California and theyve been with us for every party through the last 15 years.

Totally rocking it! I mean, you do look pretty hawt in these.

Haha, love this one of Katta and Erik. Thats some pary hungry people.

Do the jenga.

Swedes do know how to party. The poor spaniards didnt know what hit them.

Having a very important moment with the bride. Putting glittery cat ears on her.

Me and my energy lollipops. Thats how you stay awake when you are month 2, dead tired and had a full day of being a bridesmaid.

But, this ol gal havent been partying for years for nothing. Even if you are pregnant you go on sheer will. Ive practiced that for the last 20 years.

Ha, but alcohol certainly helps. Cant wait for a fun night with a couple if GTs. Only 6 months to go…

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