Science fiction

Just found out my blood type is O negative meaning that if my baby is positive (pretty likely) there might be issues further on where my body produces antibodies to the baby’s blood.

Sound science fiction right? My body rejecting my little robot baby. But, of course modern medicine have solutions and hopefully I just have to take an injection at week 28 and all will be good in the motherhood.

On my way to Paris now. Forgot half of the stuff. My heads not all there at the moment. Is this the pregnancy brain? It’s 30 degrees in stinky Paris. My goal is to not melt.

My face when I realised my body might be working against me. I mean, it hasn’t been the easiest of rides so far so hoping it will all turn out awesome.

Chill time with mini hound.

I’ve been trying to find some pregnancy yoga classes close to me but not finding anything. I know normal yoga is tricky and would really love to find somewhere.

But, for now seeing lil baby grow. I have gained 2kg since start. Go on jellybean!!

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