Second trimester win

I love second trimester. Im all energetic (ish) and my stomach is almost ok plus Paris just stink normal amounts now. Dont feel like i need to throw up just walking the streets. Hallelujah. Basically i feel pretty damn good and even work cant bring me down.

Coming back tonight and on Saturday we are going to a bday party. I actually want to go out and meet people. Put on a nice dress and feel normal. And next weekend its Natalia and Jeans wedding. Even thinking about popping over to Sweden in August over the bank holiday. I know that this phase of feeling ok will have an end and knowing me ill be a very tired beached whale toward the end. Some people jump around until giving birth, that wont be this lazy ass.

On the Eurostar yesterday. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Wore a dress where the stomach could live free and slept most of the way.

However, being a total loser i forgot both sunglasses and headphones. With glaring sun i decided to pop out for getting new ones. And ice cream. Feeling all fly until i realised i still had the sticker on.

Jellybean being a cupcake this week. I love the fact that if i poke my belly it can feel it. Cant feel lil baby yet though, think those thin little legs and arms cant get through my think skin yet.

Look at that little precious. Like a Gollum. Can just see it eating raw fish and chasing a gold ring around the world. Naaaaaw, such a cutie little monster.

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