Good news

We got some awesome news yesterday. The KUB test came back (for Downs etc) and its low risk that there is an issue with the baby which means they wont do more tests. So hopefully Jellybean is all healthy in there and in about another month i might start feel the baby kicking. Cant wait to say a proper hi to our little jellybean.

Bought lots of practical stuff on the prime days so now we have baby bath, monitor, breast pump (sexy) and a baby sling. We (as in me) are still waiting for George to move the rooms so that we can actually start to set things up and get the baby part of the room ready. Its a lesson in patience and letting go. Ha, if George was working for me i would struggle in not micro managing. On the other hand, i would expect delivery 🙂

I think tonight will be chill. Im having quite a lot of aches and pains this week from the uterus growing and so tired again. It was a week of energy and now im back to wanting to go to bed at 8 at night. I think having people over to stay and paris might have something to do with it though.


Adding a picture from a different time to remind me that i can be fun.

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