Its happening

I had such a preggers moment over lunch today. Went to buy a basket for the baby stuff before we have gone to ikea and bought the crib etc. Its all a bit messy right now so i need somewhere to put the baby monitors and other super useful stuff.

Nothing wrong with that plan. Until i came to tk maxx and saw all the super cute baby clothes. And i couldnt stop myself. Ill show you tomorrow but oh my geehrd. How am i to not shop everything? I mean, i might have been waiting for this moment for the last 20 years and bought endless amounts of cute outfits for everyone elses baby and finally its my turn.

So yeah, here we are. I did stop myself at two though. Im not completely crazy. Now i just need to control myself for another 6 months.

We had an awesome weekend. Took it easy peasy lemon squeezy on Friday and watched the new season of OA.  Woolly is super into it as you can see.

On Saturday it was Harrys bday party at Knowhere special. All the missed faces i havent seen in too long.

Me and the man of the hour. Harry is the best!!

Me and my man. He is also the best.

Cake delivery.

Hahah, love that happy, smiley face. Then everyone kept drinking and i kept catching up with people i havent seen in ages. Love the face that i have energy and actually want to see people at the moment.

Bromancing as always. There is a reason Harry will be Georges best man.

And on Sunday we took it super easy again. Ive been feeling so naseaous over the weekend as well as being a little bit of pain from belly growing so enjoyed sleeping and doing nothing. Like always.

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