The heat

Week 14. Officially second trimester. That will be celebrated with dinner out and going to Georges take over at Home bar tonight. See me rollin…

Its also 36 degrees here and im melting. But, im even more worried about the 43 degrees in Paris on Thursday… At least it looks like the wedding will be cooler. Just need to figure out a dress that is pretty AND leaves room for the belly after all the french food. Life is hard now people.

Otherwise im just trying to keep my garden alive. It so much summer here and i miss the pool from last year but cant be bothered to set that beast up. And mostly sitting in the office anyway where i can enjoy the aircon.

Oh yeah, the little baby outfits i bought yesterday…

I was going to take some nice photos but i was so damn hot when i came home so i just threw it all in a basket and died 🙂

Anyway, heres one for our little baby dreamer.

And one for all the puppy pals the baby will have. They are very clever because its a set with hat, socks, blanket, PJ and short onsie in one. All the things for mini baby in january. And this is pretty much the only clothes ive bought, otherwise its just been all the boring, practical shit like breats pump. Must have some fun…

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