Dealing with the heat (not)

In Paris on my biweekly commute. Brought my man this time around since we are going to Jean and Natalias wedding. Totally getting the company to pay for it when im constantly on the road.

It was the crazy heatwave yesterday. Not the best day to travel when pregnant. I think the hardest thing right now is that i cant control my body. When i get hot its like everything shuts down. Cant function. Got a racing heart on the London tube and had like 5 different strangers offering me water, a hand fan and ginger to chew. Damn i love London.

Once at the Eurostar the AC was barely working so had a bit of a passing out moment from the heat. Starting to understand why pregnant people were recommended to stay at home when its over 40 degrees. We were also an hour delayed on the train. Crazy. Never felt anything like those heat crashes. But i survived because strong!

In Paris they are actually really good with pregnant ladies and got us a car straight away and then to the hotel and glorious, glorious AC. Yes, another hotel dinner but it was still like 38 degrees out at 10 and dont think my body could handle more. I mean, love the baguette and cheese anyways.

Today off to Jeans castle and wedding times!!!

Me and the little family. George and Jellyben snug and happy in that lil belly.

Thats a heat stroke an hour delayed face of pure give upness.

Dinner time. We are nothing if not fancy.

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