A french wedding

What an absolute gorgeous wedding for Jean and Natalia. Back in Paris today and missing the french countryside, they are so much nicer there 🙂 Feeling a bit ropey but might just be Jellybean finally protesting after the heatwave, polish dancing to 3.30 am and mainly eating baguette. Very glad to be going home today.

But, back to the wedding. On Friday we met up with Alex and Lucy and headed out to Dreux. After 2h car we got to the village and after some confusion on were George and me were staying got the answer we were with Natalias polish family. Cool beans, we instantly went in serach for some food that poor cealiac George could eat. Easier said thandone but finally found an open restaurant.

Happy faces all around. I had pizza. Belly was happy.

We had happened upon some countryside festival and listened for a bit before heading back.

On Saturday they weather held and we had breakfast with the polish (without being able to communicate at all) and then got ready for the big event.

It was a beautiful church and Jean and Natalia looked gorgeous.

Look at that pretty bride.

We were about 120 guests and filled the church up to the brim.

George and i was in baby heaven. This is baby Max whos parents Kerri and Bernie lives in Mexico. Plan is to go visit them for a bit during maternity.

And baby Cora that George decided to take a bit out of.

Cisco Disco!!!

Such a gorgeous, happy girl.

Can hang in these surroundings…

After drinks and dinner that went on until midnight it was time for cake, crazy polish dancing and the moonshine the polish had brought with them. Must admit i was quite happy i didnt drink when i saw that, a lot of sore heads the day after.

Cake party!

We left at 3.30 but the party as still going until 7am.

Yesterday we headed back to Paris and then because everything is closed on a Sunday ended up having dinner at our hotel room. Again. Cant catch a break in this city.

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