Baby update

4 months today. As in 15 weeks. Crazy. Getting close to the half way mark. Feeling all good. Except for the heat i have no problems at all. I have gained 3.5kg and the baby bump is real in the evenings. I generally feeling really good, my stomach is better and no other issues have surfaced. Im enjoying cruising through this at the moment. And eating everything. Im definitely enjoying the eating.

Next midwife appointment is next week and in another month we get to know the sex of the baby. But im kinda enjoying it just being a little jellybean at the moment. I even feel like i have the maternity savings under control. Being all grown up and shit.

4 months belly. Filled with baguette and cheese as well.

Heres my 1, 3 and 4 months. The second one was mostly gas :). Felt huge in that first month picture.

Im really enjoying this at the moment but cant wait to start feeling the baby. The best thing is that i live my life pretty much like normal. Im not supposed to sleep on my back any longer and today is the first day im wearing preggers jeans but otherwise all standard life.

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