Preggers eggers

Sorry guys but this is a 100% preggers post so if you are not into that shit Stop. Right. Here!

Ok, for the ones still with me. So, im 5 months now. Almost halfway. And im feeling great. Struggling with fitting my clothes. Its mainly my boobs that makes everything look so front heavy. I dont have a cute belly, im just massive up front.

But, i love my belly. Tight clothes all the way. I did go to Seraphine and splurged on some actually nice looking leggings. Given how much i hate the jeans i have i think leggings will be the thing so worth the money.

In a week is the 20 month scan. A little bit nervous but mostly excited about knowing the sex of the baby. I want to get to know this little one in my belly. People have started asking now but i dont mind, its pretty clear that i am preggers when i wear my tight clothes.

We still have a lot to organise and try to fit into our flat but we are on it. I feel little flutters most night and sleep ok. Starting to feel a bit heavy and the back is achy after a whole day in front of the computer but i still walk 10.000 steps a day and feel surprisingly fresh.

Heres the 1,3,4 and 5 month baby bump. Its definitely growing, espcially the total roundness of the belly. But except for the boobs i havent put on that much extra weight. I have gained about 5kg now which is pretty much on track for whats expected.

And clothed to make it a bit more PC. The last pic is an actually maternity t-shirt, they get so short otherwise with the belly hanging out 🙂

So in total i have bought:

– 2 pairs of exercise at home leggings, 2 pairs of maternity tights for skirts
– 1 pair of preggers jeans (not a massive fan)
– 1 black maternity skirt (that works normally as well)
– 1 maternity t-shirt and 2 nursing tops
– 3 warm jumpers for maternity and nursing (mainly for nursing since they open at top)
– 1 winter jacket that goes for both baby bump and after

and now im waiting for 2 more pairs of more dressy leggings and a work dress. And thats it folks. That will see me through maternity and nursing. Plus Filippa gave me some nursing bras so all good in the hood.

I thought i could go without buying anything but my boobs stopped fitting my bras in month 3 and ive been wearing leggings since around the same time. And now my belly pokes out in normal t-shirts. So here we are, im sure some people can fit into their normal clothes for most of it but after the treatment i was already so bloated going into the pregnancy my whole body expanded quite early.

5 months and counting

5 months today! Almost half way. Its crazy. But, i still have 4 months to work and im extremely ready to be done now. Mostly fed up with the shit. Belly is growing away and im dreaming of wearing normal clothes. Not sure if im bigger than most people but i have a definite belly now. And my boobs are getting even bigger. Feeling very front heavy.

Yesterday met with bookclub at Scarlett Green in Soho. An aussie restaurant. They had vegemite donute (nope, did not have one of those). We had read Edith Egerts ‘The Choice’. Its about a womans experience of the camps during WW2 but also her journey after to let go of the horror. It was very good and we gave it a strong 4.

Me caressing the belly. Still not sure if the occasional flutters i geel is the baby or just my mega gassy stomach. But hoping for Jellybean.

Linnea is due in 3 weeks. Looking fresh though.

5 month belly. Its defintely growing. Its got the roundness all the way up to the top now. I mean, jellybean is big as an apple pie. Thats pretty big. I can feel the head or the back poking in different parts of my belly.

Struggling to find a pair of decent preggers jeans. They all just slide down. But i dont want to wear dresses every day for the next 5 months… Maybe leggings it is.

Family <3

I know ive been on a 3 month rant about the heat but seriously. It was 32 degrees out yesterday. In almost September. The bigger i get the harder it is. Me and W just sat, nakey, on the sofa yesterday panting.

But tonight its the bookclub for the first time in months. Woohooo. Missed the two last ones because one was during my treatment and the other when i was so fucking tired. But today im strong and ready to go. Just surviving the tube first…

But first, some more pictures from the country house.

I managed to last minute get the cousins together. We normally only all see each other at Christmas but since im missing out this year i decided to go against all tradition and do a dinner without the oldies. Shocker.

Lucky for us the weather was awesome. Good thing when you are fitting 9 people.

Sisters! What you cant see here is that Jossan is bursting with her third. She was due the day after.

Love these ones. There is something about having this big a family that you grew up with.

Me telling a story as always.

Look at this place! It will be my happy place always.

Jakob and Sandra making us lunch.

While George and me had chanterelle sandwiches. First time George had it this trip. The things hes missed out on…

Yes, a crazy face of food love.

Always more salt.

And then ended the trip in style with 1kg pick and mix of the best of Sweden. That will last Jellybean and me a week if we are lucky.

Wont see my family until the baby is out so living on this for the coming months. Very sad to miss Christmas in Sweden but its for a good thing, at least ill have George and Katta to celebrate with me here in London.

Late summer days

Back from a lovely late summer weekend in Sweden. I did all the things i dreamed of. Hung out with family, ate crayfish and picked mushrooms in the forest. Dreamy. George was not as convinced but i have years to make a swede out of him.

The first night mum and dad had got swedish crayfishes for me. This is my face of anticipation.

This is some serious work guys.

On the Friday we headed in to ‘town’.

Mum was sporting a bit more of a tan than me.

Ma boys having lunch together.

And ice cream dessert. Of course. I have gained one happy kg in Sweden. So worth. A jellybean brewed on candy and ice cream.

Looking at gifts for the little one. I bought a fart book. Because why not? Fun for both big and small (and especially my dad)

After a day in town with the parents we headed out to the country house by ourselves.

I found chanterelles and decided to make a creamy mushroom pasta for dinner. Baby wanted to join in on the fun.

And then ended the night with some more crayfishes. Because why not!?

On Saturday morning George went up and made me breakfast in bed. My parents dont believe in that stuff but George is an angel in a very hairy disguise and made me feel like a princess.

Totally princess material.

Beautiful late summer scenery.

We headed out into the forest to see if we could find some more mushrooms.

George not exactly feeling at home.

Hello. I got us lost (of course) but we eventually found our way back.

But since im a pro i found chanterelles and made us a little lunch sandwich.

Then we headed into town to shop for the big cousin party in the evening. But that deserves its own post.


Sorry that its so much pregnancy on the blog but honestly, im not doing anything else right now. Cant wait for autumn to come and life to kick in a bit more. Or i dont know, im waiting for something.

Im surprised that i havent been sick more. My immune system is pretty iffy and everyone says it goes to shit when you are pregnant. Having my nose cold sore at the moment but feeling fine otherwise. Im having a pretty easy time of it.

In other news, i think i felt the first flutters the other day. Or it might just have been wind… But it felt like a little butterfly on the side of my belly. Im deciding its Jellybean saying hi.

Channeling Rudolph.  I hate these cold sores, they are an absolute killer and always make me feel like a freak. Thanks dad.

Baby belly growing away. Ive been worrying a bit that its not growing enough and that something has happened to the baby but looking at this i look pretty normal for almost 5 months.

Bought some maternity/nursing jumpers on the sale at Seraphine. That shop is way to expensive for me really since you only use your maternity clothes for such a short time. But on the sale i found some great things. Notice the buttons, yes, that will be epic for winter time nursing.

Sweden tomorrow. Laters.


Two more days to Sweden! I’m going to live on salty liquorice and dill crisps. I’ve realised that the closest think to a craving I’ve had is the black, salty goodness. I’ve emptied my house of every last Turkish pepper and djungelvrål.

Up til then I’m living on whatever UK can offer.

I’m 18 weeks today. One more week to halfway. Slowly but surely growing that little human. Stopping myself from going crazy with nesting and buying everything. I’ve just waited for this for soooo long.

Me and the belly chilling away on the sofa. I live in that outfit, best for growing bellies.

The entire family in one photo.

London, you are breaking my heart

I had a lovely but very quiet weekend. Im feeling a bit restless and lonely at the same time. London is not a great place to be right now. Everyone is talking about leaving. About Brexit. About a very uncertain future. A lot of people have already left and the ones that are still here feels like they have one foot out the door.

Adding to this is the fact that im less mobile at the moment and the city is huge. Traveling an hour on the tube seems like a nightmare and i end up staying home. Gone are the days when London felt like a never ending adventure. These days it more like a grey, unforgiving stone city where everyone dreams of an easier life somewhere else.

The plan is for us to move as well. Eventually. I dont think Stockholm is a magical solution but i do think that the ease of life there will make a huge difference. Since im saving so much money to cover my maternity leave i end up spending a lot more time at home for that reason too.

On Friday we had a little team get together. I bought the snacks. All the good things.

A very intense Mario Kart tournament.

Marty telling his tractor joke. Its a crowd pleaser.

On Saturday Katta and me went to Richmond. It was beautiful as ever and im enjoying having the energy to walk around for hours still.

We had lunch at Petersham among wasps and greenery.

And the rest of the weekend was spent here with the little monster.

We are going to Sweden on thursday. Cant wait. Need some forest chill times.

When you are not going to Ibiza

Friday. Most likely spent on the sofa. Gone are the days when the weekend was one long booze fest. Or i prefer to say paused. When im 75 it will be a party all day long.

Tomorrow heading to Richmond with Katta and tonight drinks at work. Its also the danes leaving drink but i might just be a tad too lazy to hike 90 min across town on my own. Maybe ill spruce it up with some deliveroo and a rental movie from Amazon. On my memories on FB there was an Ibiza pic showing up from 8 years ago. Bah, who needs that stuff. Pizza and movie vs dancing all night at Ushuaia 1-0

Well, next weekend im off to Sweden and im pulling together an small cousin gathering without the golden oldies. Paola will come down and Hanna is there and now were just hoping Jossan kan keep the baby in to last a dinner. Since im missing out on Christmas i need my dose at least once this year.

W at work yesterday. Hes such an awesome little doggo, just sleeping through the meetings.

White is slimming right? Heh. My life is dresses with space for the belly at the moment. This one was on sale at HM for a fiver. Love it. Prob because if you are not pregnant that white bit just over your belly is not that flattering.

But hey, heres the little balloon. Its perfect for me and will fit me trough the entire pregnancy.

Have a great weekend guys.

Smelly monster

What a start to the day. The first thing i did was spilling a pack of olives all over the kitchen floor. Then Woolly decided to roll in poo. Like actual, super smelly, poo. I tried to clean it off him but he still very smelly. Then i put some perfume on him and now he smells like flowers covered in poo.. and as soon as i cleaned him off i dropped a whole tub of cream fraiche on the kitchen floor.

Thank god the cleaner is coming today.

Now im at work hiding from disasters. W is with me so im hoping hell keep away from more poo rolling. Were having some meetings so he has to step up as office dog.

Looking very ashamed of his smelly self. He should do!

Hes very cute with the belly. He definitely knows something is going on and lays his paw over the belly and snuggles up. If only he knew…

Storm pooper

Its raining in London today. And 15 degrees. Never in my 37 years did i think that woud make me happy but my god the enjoyment of not wanting to die from the heat. Im sorry all you warm people i have always laughed a bit about, i get you now.

I keep thinking about all the exciting things i will tell you and then i realise that, well, i dont really have that much to tell. I feel like pregnancy is the human equivalent of hibernating. But you end up fat.

Love my little baby bump though, spoke to Dani and in week 30 shes gained 15kg. That just sounds so heavy.

Well, heres my little 17w bump and the new outfit we got from Soren and Bettina. Yes, im baking a little Storm pooper.

Its having a good time in there. Apparently they go into a more normal sleeping pattern now depending on the light outside. Maybe i can train it for never ending sleep if i make sure its always dark around.