Lay low at Laylow

What a lovely weekend. Dinner and drinks on Friday, pram checking, dinner and movie on Saturday and meeting up with Caro in Notting Hill on Sunday. Sometimes its nice not having Woolly. Love him but forget how nice it is to be free to roam the streets for an entire weekend.

We have decided on the pram. It will be the Babyzen yoyo. For the price and the size. Its the one easiest to travel with and take on the tube and it will fit in our very narrow flat. God, felt so grown up walking around looking at baby stuff. But, we have it all under control.

This week is busy. Drinks with Kerry and Bernie we met at the wedding on Wednesday, movie with Katta on thursday, Summer party on Friday and crayfish party on Saturday.

However, im a bit worried about the summer party and might sit this one out. Its on a boat and last time i went on one of those i got very seasick. Without being able to take tablets or drink i have a feeling it will be a pretty sad experience.

Friday dinner at Laylow. Such a nice place and the food was delicious. Helps that we gor the royal treatment.

Ha, sorry Katta for this pic. But, its me having my first (single) GT in 5 months. Here in UK they say you can have a drink a week. Havent really done that but since the most critical baby developments stages are over now i thought i have one.

It was heaven.

Selfie time!

George worked the basement bar where a lot of uber cool kids were checking out this jazz band. God, they will regret those biker shorts and neon clothes one day. For now they just made us feel…passe.

But then we went up to Liam and Elliot and got even more love. Ill take being 37 any day.

Went home around 1.30. Felt strong. And then, because im a smug bastard, i woke uo feeling 100%. Definitely the perk of not drinking.

Sunday morning belly pic. Im starting to feel a bit cumbersome. Not really heavy but hard to twist and turn. Going to the midwife tomorrow and will see if she tells me to stop pigging out. Im up to 3.8kg increase but i feel like ive gotten a proper belly. But to be honest, there is a lot of candy being eaten at the moment.

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