Even if im not on holiday, im still going to work and staring at that computer every day, its a slow, summer feeling here in London. People are away, its too warm and the french are on holiday.

My life is slow and i have time to think a lot. Happiness, apprehension, worry. All mixed up in my head. Im so happy about Jellybean that seems content growing away in my belly. I worry as well but i mostly feel this settled calm deep inside. Im meant to be your mum. For the first time in a long time things are where they are supposed to be.

I think about the future. I dont worry, just see different scenarios. Moving to Sweden, stay here in London, go somwehere else. Either way we will be good. We are not perfect but we are strong together. We know how to help and lift each other when things get tough.

And we will give that to our lil baby. George with his never ending capacity for love and loyalty, his optimism, his wonder for life, booming laugh and his ability to carry you when you are sad. Me with my compassion and empathy, my dreams and my love for others creativity and my steady presence when you need someone.

We will be good. We will learn how to be your parents together.

Got a new jacket on sale this weekend. Dreaming of the wild, wild west

This is how i walk around at home. Im so warm all the time plus all my clothes except for sweats are so tight. Getting nakey as soon as i get home.

Today im having a pregnancy massage. My back is not very good and to be honest, just spoiling myself a bit.

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