The funny side of pregnancy

I was going to say Friday! but realised its only thursday. Oh well. We are slowly getting there peeps. Most of you are gettiing back from holiday, the rest of us feels like we’ve been attached to the chair at work forever. Holiday is for losers anyway.

Here are some fun memes about my life right now.


Yes, i mean, my pregnancy brain is not too bad but sometimes i just forget shit. Like what i was doing walking into the kitchen.


Walks have become a marathon. Sometimes i need to sit down to simply survive. W hates that, he wants to play. Bad mummy.


Im so ungraceful. Like a seal.


Im adding like 2 months to mine with the treatment. So its been forever, i promise.


Or candy. Jellybean loooooves candy.


Up to at least 4 times a night at the moment.


Like the say in Life in Pieces ‘i was voted most outgoing at Burning Man and look at me now’. Ive never been less rockstar in my entire life.



We’ll get there. Everyone keep telling me im having a boy (due to the shape of my belly and my cravings) and we have a good shortlist (Lukas and Ella – Luke and Leia)


I was told i was glowing. I dont believe that shit. That just something you say to someone that cant fit into their clothes any longer 🙂

But im doing well and being all happy. Tired but happy.

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