Crayfish party!

Happy Monday! At least people around the world is starting to get back to work and i can stop hating on all those holiday pics on instagram. And the count down to 4 days Sweden is real!

Otherwise im all good, even if a bit emotional. Im going into week 18 now and saw the midwife on Friday. All looked good, my values are all as expected and nothing showing up in the bloodtest. I got my plotting curve for the expected weight of the baby, between 3.5 – 5kg. Thats a lot! Im hoping for that 3.5kg one…

Me and W chillin on Friday once i came back from the midwife. Yes, im strong on the naps right now but taking them when i can, soon we are back to weekly Paris trips with the growing belly.

We switched  the rooms! George did all the carrying and then i cleaned and sorted. Its so much better, we are actually going to be able to fit (dont mind the mess, its all cleared by now). However, knowing that we have to buy even more shit im sure its going to be all cramped by the end again. I dream of an attic or cellar. One day.

And on Saturday we got the house ready for mini crayfish party! Due to rain and basically a storm we ended up cramming 10 people into our living room.

Tight but as we say on Sweden – if there is heart room there is ass room.

My crayfish decorations.

We didnt find any hats so we improvised. Who doesnt love crayfish ears or a crayfish thong on your head?

Party people getting ready for some serious eating.

I mean, why not use a scissor to open up the goods?

We scared the crew with our weird snaps songs.

Then general party times. So sad these two are leaving London. But, means we have somewhere to go and visit in Spain… there is always an upside. I feel like George and i are getting holiday homes around the world.

These garlands can be used in multiple ways.

When you are sober and flagging by midnight just wrap yourself in some crayfish lights and all is well in the world.

Woolly was all partied out.

On Sunday we took it mega easy. George is away in Finland this week so it ill be Woolly and me. Yoga tonight and then most likely a lot of Netflix and chill (the boring kind)

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