Preggers yoga

Went to my first session of pregnancy yoga yesterday. It was…interesting… a lot of breathing and stretching which was awesome. Then there was some pretend birth shit which was 100% weird. I felt like I was in an American movie leaning against a wall pretending to have contractions.

Long gone felt the days of nightclub dancing.

Overall it was great though. Needed those stretches. I was the only 2020 baby in there so felt like a gazelle compared to the 8 month bellies all around.

Pro tip if you want to feel small and nimble, hang around people much further along than you.

Came home looking fly.

Working from home today. Just had a smart meter installed, time to have our gas and electricity consumption under control.

Spending the day watching this dude chasing flies. Drama!

The coming George free days will prob be spent clearing even more in the flat. Part of me want to move somewhere bigger asap but I also know that if we go to Sweden in like a year then it makes no sense. So throwing away shit it is.

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