Storm pooper

Its raining in London today. And 15 degrees. Never in my 37 years did i think that woud make me happy but my god the enjoyment of not wanting to die from the heat. Im sorry all you warm people i have always laughed a bit about, i get you now.

I keep thinking about all the exciting things i will tell you and then i realise that, well, i dont really have that much to tell. I feel like pregnancy is the human equivalent of hibernating. But you end up fat.

Love my little baby bump though, spoke to Dani and in week 30 shes gained 15kg. That just sounds so heavy.

Well, heres my little 17w bump and the new outfit we got from Soren and Bettina. Yes, im baking a little Storm pooper.

Its having a good time in there. Apparently they go into a more normal sleeping pattern now depending on the light outside. Maybe i can train it for never ending sleep if i make sure its always dark around.

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