Smelly monster

What a start to the day. The first thing i did was spilling a pack of olives all over the kitchen floor. Then Woolly decided to roll in poo. Like actual, super smelly, poo. I tried to clean it off him but he still very smelly. Then i put some perfume on him and now he smells like flowers covered in poo.. and as soon as i cleaned him off i dropped a whole tub of cream fraiche on the kitchen floor.

Thank god the cleaner is coming today.

Now im at work hiding from disasters. W is with me so im hoping hell keep away from more poo rolling. Were having some meetings so he has to step up as office dog.

Looking very ashamed of his smelly self. He should do!

Hes very cute with the belly. He definitely knows something is going on and lays his paw over the belly and snuggles up. If only he knew…

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