When you are not going to Ibiza

Friday. Most likely spent on the sofa. Gone are the days when the weekend was one long booze fest. Or i prefer to say paused. When im 75 it will be a party all day long.

Tomorrow heading to Richmond with Katta and tonight drinks at work. Its also the danes leaving drink but i might just be a tad too lazy to hike 90 min across town on my own. Maybe ill spruce it up with some deliveroo and a rental movie from Amazon. On my memories on FB there was an Ibiza pic showing up from 8 years ago. Bah, who needs that stuff. Pizza and movie vs dancing all night at Ushuaia 1-0

Well, next weekend im off to Sweden and im pulling together an small cousin gathering without the golden oldies. Paola will come down and Hanna is there and now were just hoping Jossan kan keep the baby in to last a dinner. Since im missing out on Christmas i need my dose at least once this year.

W at work yesterday. Hes such an awesome little doggo, just sleeping through the meetings.

White is slimming right? Heh. My life is dresses with space for the belly at the moment. This one was on sale at HM for a fiver. Love it. Prob because if you are not pregnant that white bit just over your belly is not that flattering.

But hey, heres the little balloon. Its perfect for me and will fit me trough the entire pregnancy.

Have a great weekend guys.

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