London, you are breaking my heart

I had a lovely but very quiet weekend. Im feeling a bit restless and lonely at the same time. London is not a great place to be right now. Everyone is talking about leaving. About Brexit. About a very uncertain future. A lot of people have already left and the ones that are still here feels like they have one foot out the door.

Adding to this is the fact that im less mobile at the moment and the city is huge. Traveling an hour on the tube seems like a nightmare and i end up staying home. Gone are the days when London felt like a never ending adventure. These days it more like a grey, unforgiving stone city where everyone dreams of an easier life somewhere else.

The plan is for us to move as well. Eventually. I dont think Stockholm is a magical solution but i do think that the ease of life there will make a huge difference. Since im saving so much money to cover my maternity leave i end up spending a lot more time at home for that reason too.

On Friday we had a little team get together. I bought the snacks. All the good things.

A very intense Mario Kart tournament.

Marty telling his tractor joke. Its a crowd pleaser.

On Saturday Katta and me went to Richmond. It was beautiful as ever and im enjoying having the energy to walk around for hours still.

We had lunch at Petersham among wasps and greenery.

And the rest of the weekend was spent here with the little monster.

We are going to Sweden on thursday. Cant wait. Need some forest chill times.

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